Sunday, February 24, 2008

deutsche guggenheim

The deutsche guggenheim might be smaller than expected (only 5500sq/ft gallery) consisting of two medium sized main rooms and a small gift shop, but the exhibitions are concise, tightly curated and a refreshingly easy to digest. The museum sits in the bottom floor of Deutsche Bank, a major arts supporter and collection company (boasts over 50,000 works in its collection). Most big-time museums go with the motto "bigger is better" but this museum extension in germany carefully considers its shows, which are more in line with a regular gallery's format of single artists and themed exhibitions, to better make use of the space.

For better pictures and info on the current show, True North, go here.


Oh, and then there's the gift shop, which you can also access online. I got this very handy, funny shopper bag for only 5 euro and have already scored compliments from some very fashionable germans! This could be my new favorite, cheap find!

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