Monday, February 4, 2008

roman singer @ hamburger bahnhof

The Hamburger Bahnhof museum is a superb example of berlin's efforts to reshape, rebuild and reclaim the city after wwII. Coming from a city (detroit) that didn't host a world war in its own backyard, the similarities between landscapes are staggering yet berlin has found a way out of its empty lots and abandoned spaces. Even just another example (which I will talk about later) is berlin fashion week's sponsorship of empty public strip-mall-like, window spaces that they give out to fashion designers to use for a set-up period prior to fashion week and then jury the best designer to keep the space rent free for a year.....yeah, looks like detroit could learn a little! And then there are the organized squats...but for now I am getting off track.

After being severley damaged in the war, the former central train station was sparingly used until 1989 when it received a face lift for the new contemporary museum which opened its doors in 1996.

expansive main contemporary galleries of museum

the big Judd room

The gigantic and amazing solo show of swiss artist Roman Singer (b. 1938), featuring a whole basement of video performances and upstairs of more videos and the equipment used in the often humorous and art-sarcastic experiments. Even for a sometimes hard to impress art lover, this was an amusing, simplistically experimental, smart and even chuckle out loud brilliant show...I went twice, which is also rare for me!

"Roman Signer has always seen himself as a sculptor. He even refers to actions that only last for short moments as sculpture. In these 'event or time sculptures' is always concerned with problems, actions and time sequences in space." - hausler contemporary

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