Friday, February 1, 2008

high math @ pool gallery berlin

It was Berlin Fashion Week last week and a variety of venues hosted offset parties and creative events spinning from the runway shows. Pool Gallery is an artist run space in the heart of berlin's trendy mitte district. The group show was a collection of works on paper.

shepard fairey

josh petherick - Hexed Life Triptych

richard colman - untitled

peter beste - Furze, Sandvika, Norway

killpixie - above and below

andrew schoultz - Horse Under Fire (with and without hand embellishments)

parra - 1 Harp Music

perks - Double Ganger (above), Space Noodles (below)

This reminded me of a current new-art-rave version of this. I would have loved to go home with it....or the happy rainbows!

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