Friday, February 8, 2008

look back- berlin fashion week

Berlin Fashion week is over now but the city has already culturally rebounded again with the Berlinale (berlin film fest...and yes we did catch a glimpse of the Rolling Stones and Martin Scorsese on the red carpet).
But back to fashion week. I have never been to ny's fashion week and only once to la's but I get the feeling that berlin falls somewhere in between in scale and prominence. Berlin has great street style and a city where the avantgarde becomes the norm. Fashion inspiration spreads from the artists and fashion risk takers here and trickels up instead of down like in other cities. You definitely don't see a lot of designer bags or glitzy pronounced labels on the general berliner. Thrift store shopping and local designer wear, infiltrates the streets. This is also a city that I don't think totally left the 80's in some ways demonstrated by its bright neon colors (new wave and graffiti inspired ) and baggy, acidwashed denim and fade haircuts - a big hit with the turkish population. This is city where sweatpants are cool and not in a ironic-mocking way - they just are! On the subway it is often hard to tell if it is just another fashion hipster or a miss-matched german with large out-of-date but now "in again" glasses. Berlin's past and present history presents its self with eastern european flair intergraded into a new expressive youth.

Here's some of the events from last week:

Beck's Fashion Experience


Marcel Ostertag





Ideal Fashion Show (better pics here)

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